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You've Made The Right Decision Joining List Genius

But Are You Time Poor Right Now?

Look, I totally get it.  We're all busy, and it really is a struggle sometimes to find the time to get things done.  

I would hate to see you invest in this program, only to see it gathering dust on your hard drive just because you're already too busy making money for your family to get it up and running.  

It's ok, I've been there myself.

I couldn't tell you how many times I used to buy products with the best intentions but I never had the time to do anything with them.

I'd hate to see you miss this opportunity to have a complete 6 month email campaign and a subscriber-getting lead magnet all set up and ready to earn you money.

That's why I'm going to make you this one time offer:

If you just don't have the time to set up the 6 month List genius campaign then I can do it for you for a one time price.  

Now obviously I can't do this for everybody, so I definitely have to limit this offer.  If the buy button is still available below then there is still at least one spot left, but if it's gone then I'm sorry but you missed out.

Complete Done For You Service

Here's a quick run through of the terms and conditions associated with this service:

I will set up the full 6 month email campaign for you with your affiliate links, plus create your lead capture page with the bonus lead magnet provided in the program

You must be an existing user of Aweber or you must be prepared to join up (They now have a free membership program option)

You understand that it may take a couple of weeks before I can start on your setup, depending on the number of people who take up this offer

You can cancel at any time before 7 days or before I start work (whichever comes first) and your money will be refunded, however due to the labor intensive nature of this product once I do start work on your setup there can be no refunds

You will setup your Clickbank, JV Zoo and Aweber/Get Response accounts (if you don't already have these) prior to me starting work (as I don't want access to your personal/payment information).

I will need full login access to your Aweber account in order to set everything up.  You can change your password once everything has been completed.  I will also need full access to your link cloaking program (optional) if you would like to use one.

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