How would you like to sell this Entire funnel for yourself and keep 100% of the commissions?

Yep, You Keep 100% of the Commissions!

You've made it this far so you know that Funnels work!

Look, I understand that buying upsells doesn't always suit everyone - for a variety of reasons - and often it has a lot to do with timing rather than not seeing value in a product.

So although not everyone will buy everything, most people will buy something out of the funnel.

And some people do Buy The Whole Lot...

That's why we have funnels - because they work!

That's why the average customer spend is a lot more than just the price of the Front End product.

So, how would you like the opportunity to sell this funnel for yourself and take 100% commissions of everything that everyone buys?

Yes, you read that correctly.  I am offering you the opportunity to sell this funnel to your own customers and keep 100% of the commissions.

This Is A Serious Offer, For Serious Marketers Only

But, let me be clear here.  This offer is only available to new or inexperienced marketers who are serious about giving affiliate marketing a red hot go.  

This offer is not for the established or experienced marketers.  I'm sorry, but if you have 200+ sales over any of the big platforms like Clickbank, JV Zoo or Warrior + then this is not for you and I will refund your money.  

This is an opportunity for the "little guys" only, the ones who need an extra hand to make it up the next rung in the ladder.

If you are not serious about this and if you are not planning on making the best out of this opportunity, and keeping 100% of the profits in the process, then please don't buy.  

But if you are serious about affiliate marketing then this is the program for you

How This Works:

Your affiliate link will be hard coded through Clickbank for you to receive 100% commissions for all sales you refer up to this point.  That means you could earn up to $260.95 per sale, plus 50% of any ongoing recurring commissions for as long as your customer stays with the program.

Note: If you decide to promote this program to your list later you will only be entitled to the regular 50% commissions.  This is a one time only offer of 100% commissions.

Before you purchase please note the refund policy:

Due to the nature of this product (You can't send traffic back) refunds will be available for a period of 48 hours only to cover those unusual circumstances that may crop up.  Please be sure you are committing before you hit that purchase button.

I will start working on setting this up for you right away, so after 48 hours all sales are final.


This is it, This is your only chance to make Awesome, ongoing 100% commissions on a great product and proven funnel! 

Now whip out that credit card and hit that button below!

List Genius Buy This Funnel

Don't forget I offer full support on all of my products, so if you get stuck you can get in touch and I'll help you out

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