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Hi !

I want to congratulate you and personally thank you for trusting in me to help you take a step into financial security.  I greatly value your business and your trust and I have every intention of over delivering on your expectations from this program.  I will email you from time to time to let you know that I have made improvements or added new content.  

If you are a Pro Level Member you will receive new, monthly, done for you autoresponder campaigns so that you can promote the latest products to your growing list.  If you hold a Basic Level Membership and would like to upgrade to Pro please visit the Pro Membership Page where you will be given the opportunity to upgrade.

But before you dive into the training PLEASE BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE 3 STEPS AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE, they will help supercharge your progress.

Please also take a moment to have a look around your members area, it has been laid out in a simple, easy to understand format. The tutorial videos on how to set up your autoresponder campaigns can be found by clicking on the Download tab. 

It's very important that you watch the Watch Me First video in the Download area as I will show you a shortcut to save you a huge amount of time in setting all of this up.

I’ve also provided an “Affiliates” section where you can earn money as a List Genius partner by sharing YOUR link to the very product you’ve just purchased! You’ll find all of your List Genius content in the navigation tabs, and I’ll be updating it frequently. I’ve also included some extra goodies and bonuses on the “Bonus” page. If you need any help or have any questions please visit the SUPPORT PAGE.

Rob Ainge

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