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There's nothing quite like the feeling of capitalizing on all of the hype surrounding a big Marketing Guru's latest launch.  

Everyone is talking about it and subscribers are even expecting someone to send them an email to sell them that latest and greatest guru product.  

You could be that person sending them an email with Your affiliate link, loaded and ready for them to whip out their credit card and start spending.

People get excited and caught up in all of the hype surrounding a big event or sale, and email subscribers are no different.  You just need to be the one who is ready to capitalize on their readiness to buy and make sure they receive Your email, not someone else's.

Don't Leave That Money On The Table!!

But what makes promoting the gurus' lists even better is that it goes both ways too! Most big marketers have huge lists and many are happy to send out reciprocal emails promoting YOUR offer once they see you helping them out launch after launch.  

Imagine if one of those Big Gun Marketers sent out just one email to their huge lists promoting your product.  How would you feel if you got that sort of recognition?  I bet you'd feel pretty good right?  

Just check out these screenshots from some of the Big Name Marketers out there who promise reciprocal emails:

So wouldn't it be great if every single month you could receive the next 4 weeks worth of pre-written emails, all ready to go for you to promote the latest 4 Guru product launches?  All done for you with professionally written content so that you don't have to write a singe word yourself!  

Ready for you to load into your email service provider and hit send!

Plus, every month, a brand new lead magnet like a free Report, eBook or Video that you can give away to build your list even more.

Talk About "Done For You"!


List Genius Pro Monthly

With List Genius Pro Monthly you will literally have everything you need!  You'll soon be promoting the latest and greatest products, with a batch of brand new emails ready for you to plug in and start making sales every single month.

And Don't Forget Your new Bonus!

You've already got the Tik Tok Marketing eBook bonus, now how about getting the full Video Training Course bonus as well!

This is the next best thing to having an expert on the subject, right beside you, showing you exactly how it’s done.

Plus, if you order now you'll also get the exclusive Fast Action Bonus!  

You will receive the high quality MP3s of the videos, so you can listen to them wherever you like - in the car, at home, even in the office!

Complete the set and become an expert in
Tik Tok - the Next Big Thing!

(You could even sell your services as an expert to other businesses who are crying out for help on this new platform)

Here's a quick recap of what you'll receive every month when you join List Genius Pro Monthly:

4 x full weekly email campaigns promoting 4 hot new product launches

A new lead magnet to give away to build your list, or just give it away as a "Thank you bonus" to your subscribers

Pay by the month, you can cancel your subscription anytime

Full Support - I'm here to help you succeed.

Plus, You get to keep the Bonus Video Deluxe Version of the Tik Tok Marketing Course


So if you're ready to Instantly Take Your Email Marketing Up To Pro Level then Hit The Button Below and take action because You Won't See This Price Again! 

List Genius Pro Yearly

Remember, if you try it out and still feel the program is not for you then you can cancel at any time and you won't be charged again when your subscription is due.

If you're not 100% satisfied and this doesn't work for you, I assure you we will still part as friends.

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